Baotuo Monastery

Date : 2020-06-17 Author :普陀山佛教 Source : 普陀山佛教网

Baotuo Monastery is located at the foot of Mount Longtou in the northeast part of Mount Putuo. It faces to the main peak of Mount Foding, and its original name is Lugan Nunnery.

 Baotuo Monastery is the fourth biggest monastery on Mount Putuo and is placed after Puji Monastery, Fayu Monastery and Huiji Monastery. It is named as Baotuo Monastery in order to promote Tiantai Sect of Buddhism. Its foundation was laid in December of 1999. Its planning and design has taken about 3 years. The construction was formally started in the spring of 2003. After 8 years, jobs have been completed. The ceremony "Completing the construction project of the monastery and sacralizing Buddha statues" was held May 10, 2011 (namely April 8 of the lunar calendar, the birthday of Buddha). The gate of the monastery was opened to the mass, and monks were allocated in it. It occupies a land of 89 mus including 8,000 m2 of building area. Its central axis was built according to the style of the royal palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the rear building is higher than front building. The buildings on both sides were built according to the style of the ancient gardens in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, were built along the hillside. Traditional and modern styles are well combined together. lts building scale is correspondent to that of Puji Monastery. Its Pumen Lecture Hall, Dabao Pavilion, Yuandun Altar are vivid manifestation of Tiantai Sect characteristics. lt can be called as masterpiece of the construction of monasteries in the 21-st century according to its building scale and style.