Nanhai Guanyin Temple

Date : 2020-10-28 Author :普陀山佛教 Source : 普陀山佛教网

Nanhai Guanyin Temple is located on the top of Longwan Hillock in the southeast of Mount Putuo. It is also called as Brass Statue of Nanhai Guanyin.

In October of 1997 the project was finished and the statue was serialized. The statue is 20 m high and 70-odd ton weigh. It is also the landmark of Mount Putuo. The base of the statue is a two-floor building. So the total height of the statue including its base is 33 m. 96 pieces of brass imitating gold are welded together. The face looks like full moon. The left hand holds a Wheel of Dharma and the right hand poses a gesture of fearlessness. Amitabha Buddha is above the head and the golden lotus is under feet. There is Worship Buddha Square in front of the statue. It is 111 m long and 51 m wide, area is about 5,500-odd m2.

A large hall named "Gongde hall" (Merit and Virtue Hall) is on the first floor of the base, There are four sets of box wood sculpture such as "The revered Mr. Lan protects Buddhist doctrine" and "Fill the sea by flying sands" etc. On the south wall there are two sets of color jade bass-relieves "Rising sun in the morning" and "Moon in the evening over the lotus pond". There is a 500 Guanyin Hall on the second floor of the base, There are stone bass-relieves "Monk Jianzhen crossing the sea to Japan" and "Monk Xuanzang going west" on the two sides of the square. There are stone statues of four 3.9 m high Heavenly Kings and two Buddha's Warrior Attendants in the south part of the square. There is a bluestone bass-relief "Great Being Meets Many Saints" on the back wall, it is 4 m high and 30-odd m wide. There is a sitting image of Nanhai Guanyin at the center and with images of Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Arhats, Yamashina, heavens etc. on both sides. There is a pilgrimage way of a length about 200 m on the right side of the square. 200 plus figures "Stop killing and set caught animals free" drawn by Feng Zikai are carved on the stone plate of the stone balustrade.