Brief Introduction of Abbot

普陀山佛教网 2020-06-17

Grand monk Daoci, was born in June of 1953, in a Buddhist family, in Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province.

In 1980, he took refuge under monk Liaokai and Being tonsured in Huiji temple in Mount Putuo. In 1982, he attended the first Sangha training class in Qixiashan temple in Nanjing, adhered to elder monk Mingshan and Puchu Zhao.

In 1983, he was ordained the bhiksu's precepts under elder monk Mingshan.

In 1986, he was appointed as the deputy supervisor of Huiji temple.

In 1990, he made a cycling pilgrimage to the other renowned Buddhist mountains, crossing a dozen of provinces and 180 cities, covering a distance of more than ten thousand kilometers, fulfilled his wishes and increased wholesome experiences.

In 1994,  he was appointed as the supervisor of Fayu temple and the vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of Mount Putuo.  he accompanied grand monk Miaoshan on the visiting trip to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan, promoting the Dharma.

In 1997, he took the post of the standing vice chairman of the Association and the supervisor of Puji temple, assisting grand monk Miaoshan in tackling daily business operations.

In 1998, he took the post of the vice chairman of the Buddhist Association of Mount Putuo and the supervisor of Huiji temple.

In October of 2010, he was honored with the abbotship of Puji temple.

In January of 2012, the President of the Academy of Mount PuTuo.

In September of 2014, he had the honor to receive the Nominal Doctorate of Mahazhu Larong University of Thailand.

Grand monk Daoci is now the Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China (10th), the Honorary Chairman of the Buddhist Association of ZheJiang Province (8th), the Chairman of the Buddhist Association of Mount PuTuo (7th), the Director of the Han Buddhist Ethos Committee, the 13th Cppcc Member, the Vice Chairman of the 7th Cppcc of ZhouShan.

Since 1994, he have visited countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore etc to propel the Buddhist communications between countries and promote the compassion of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, which have been greatly respected and esteemed.

Grand monk Daoci is amiable, being strict with Vinaya, holding the precept of no food past noon. He is also warm-hearted in social welfare and charity, setting up Huiji Charitable Trust in ChongQing to help the students in need with a vow of 10-year operation of the Trust.

Grand monk Daoci is slow of speech but quick in action, a monk endowed with a lot of great traits such as: sincerity, frugality, honesty, practical attitude, etc. A typical monk of the great Buddhist practitioner both in Chan and Sukavati. With his respectful experience in administering monasteries and his ever-lasting warmth in helping the novice followers and successors, he has set himself up as an example for all the monastics and laypeople around the world!

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