Longshou Temple

普陀山佛教网 2020-10-28

Longshou Temple is located at the foot of the mountain east of Xiangwang Peak, formerly known as Longshou Nunnery. According to the records of the "Mount Potalaka" and other materials during the Republic of China period, the temple was founded by Master Zhenrui from 1573 to 1619, and was later rebuilt by Master Xingyue, Zhaowu and his apprentice Shanxing and Shancheng. The temple was rebuilt by Master Kaizhi and his apprentice Xiuyan from 1736 to 1795. Later, the temple collapsed due to disrepair. In 1910, Master Lianchan of the Superintendent of Yuantong Nunnery ordered his apprentice Huaneng to take over the temple and rebuild the temple at the original address. In 1922, Li Genyuan, the local chief of the agricultural and commercial fields, wrote a plaque for the temple.

At the beginning of the founding of New China, master Kailin and other four masters lived here. In 1983,  the Buddhist Association of Mount Putuo took over the temple. Longshou Temple is relatively large in scale, and its original temple building structure has been largely preserved, and has extremely high historical and artistic value. In May 2010, the temple was rated as a municipal cultural relics protection unit.

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