Xilin Temple

普陀山佛教网 2020-10-28

Xilin Temple is located to the west of Puji Temple, formerly known as Rende Temple. Master Ruhong of the Ming Dynasty built a house and lived here. From 1662 to 1722, Master Guangcheng rebuilt the temple and placed it in the west hall of Puji Temple. The hall of this temple enshrines a sitting statue of Avaloktesvara sending a child. At the end of Jiaqing, the temple collapsed. In 1824, the 14th grandson disciple of Master Ruhong was supported by the mother of Dinghai gentleman Qianjing, who reconstructed the temple and handed it over to Shanjing and Shanjue in Guanyin Cave. From 1875 to the end of 1908, Master Ruhong's 16th grandson disciple built the Great Compassion Building, Ancestral Hall, guest room, and abbot's quarters, and the various buildings of the temple were gradually completed. In 1914, Master Taixu retreated here.

At the beginning of the founding of New China, Master Guangshu and Master Youbin lived there. In 1998, the Buddhist Association of Mount Putuo recovered and used this temple. The monastery is now the headquarters of the Buddhist Association of Mount Putuo.

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