The Seven-Day Guanyin Dharma Assembly

普陀山佛教网 2020-11-17

The Seven-Day Guanyin Dharma Assembly is held by Mount Putuo Buddhist Association and practiced by all deacons from all temples of Mount Putuo before every lunar February 19th (Guanyin's birthday), June 19th (Guanyin's enlightenment day) and September 19th (Guanyin's Monk day). Members of the leading group of the association lead all deacons to piously read Guanyin Pumen chapter of Lotus Sutra, Avalokitesvara Great Compassion Toloni, “Na Mo Guan Shi Yin Pu Sha” and so on. The merits of the Dharma Assembly will return to parents, all beings, the state and San bao (Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhists) and be beneficial to the world peace and people's well-being.

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