Three Incense Sessions in Mount Putuo

普陀山佛教网 2020-11-17

Three Incense Sessions in Mount Putuo, also named as Guanyin Dharma Assembly is a grand Buddhist gathering in honor of Guanyin' birth, being enlightened and becoming a monk. Each year Mount Putuo Buddhist Association will hold the three sessions on every lunar February 19th (Guanyin's birthday), June 19th (Guanyin's enlightenment day) and September 19th (Guanyin's Monk day) in a big way. On lunar 18th and 19th  believers from home and aboard come to Mount Putuo, and meanwhile all kinds of Buddhist activities are busy  being practiced by all temples. On lunar 18th  three major temples ( Puji Zen Temple, Huji Zen Temple, Fayu Zen Temple ) will routinely practice Pufo (consecration of Buddha and Bodhisattvas)  with the participation of  thousands of monks and believers. At night, thousands of people sat inside or outside of Puji Zen Temple which was lighted up brightly and read “ Na Mo Da Ci Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pu Sha” together all night long. On next mooring, all people will solemnly attend Pufo activity. During the session, the number of the believers and visitors is often up to hundreds of thousands.

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