The Seventh Representative Meeting Held By Putuoshan Buddhist Association

普陀山佛教网 2022-02-20

On August 9th, 2021, Putuoshan Buddhist Association held the 7th Representative meeting at Puji Zen Temple. There are 130 representatives elected by the whole monasteries in Putuoshan and 6 guest representatives attended the meeting, together with some relevant provincial and municipal leaders.

The meeting has concluded the whole work done since the 6th Representative meeting and analyzed the current situations and arranged the tasks for the future. Meanwhile, it adopted the Report on the Work of the 6th Council of Putuoshan Buddhist Association and the Resolution of the 7th Representative Meeting of Putuoshan Buddhist Association. 

The meeting elected a new council and a new set of leadership team. Monk Daoci has been elected as the president of the Putuoshan Buddhist Association. Master Xinguang, master Weihang, master Zhizong, master Mensu, master Huixuan, master Dingming, master Xinxiao as the vice president of the Association, among them master Zhizong as the secretary general, which provides with the strong leadership and organization for the development of the whole Putuoshan Buddhist cause.

The Putuoshan Buddhist Association will always hold high the banner of the patriotism and the love for the Buddhism. It will firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and follows the road of socialism. The association will obey and perform the country's religious policies, study the Regulations on Religious Affairs and some newly revised rules and regulations by the Association itself. Furthermore, it will strictly follow the basic principles of the “three unifications”, plan well the overall layout of the “three systems”, and strive to practice Guanyin Bodhisattva's spirit of compassion for the beings so as to promote the localization of Buddhism in the new era. Finally, it can provide its own contribution to the construction of the “Four Zhoushan” and setting a model area of common prosperity as well as the dedications to the realization of the second centenary goal and the Chinese dream of the great national rejuvenation.

Editor :普陀山佛教 edit :张强